My Friends…My Family

We were Best Friends for TWO YEARS! And that is a huge thing for all of us considering we had never had a real best friend before, much less a friend for even close to a year.

Then, everything changed. It just got complicated because I had to leave, which made things hard and made me self-conscious and life hit us all. I faced the pressure of being perfect, having panic attacks, my family being abused, getting my depression triggered, having suicidal thoughts, almost committing suicide multiple times, and feeling lost and alone, thinking that I lost my friends, being on a mental rollercoaster. I did all of this… alone. My friends were gone and I had nobody! Again, Nobody. Like I had always done my entire life when someone left, I just moved on, No tears, no sorrow, just move on and forget. Don’t look back on the past, for it is gone. But, no.

I love them. They are my friends! It does not matter how ashamed I might be. They mean the world to me because they care and because they are my friends! They are the only people who I know would always care for me. And, I love them. They are my friends. We may not have seen each other or have spoken for over a year, but that does not mean that they are any less my friends… my Family.


Hello, I am a small girl with big thoughts. I want to be able to speak out about my thoughts and feelings. And, maybe this can somehow help others to relate with someone. It does not really mater who I am, but who you are and who you will be.

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