I just had a thought…

I just had a thought,

I am in New York City on a trip and tonight while we are exploring around Time Square or walking through on our way somewhere I could just dissapear. Right there in the crowd. No one would probably realize that I’m gone.

I could run the other way and go to the bridge. I could then walk up it and once I am clear over the water I could just close my eyes and fall.

Or jump off, I don’t really care. As long as I have a chance at ending it all. I can see everything getting better after that. If I do survive then everyone would finally see how bad I really need help.

I was finally able to, for one second think about killing myself without thinking about others and how they would feel.


I want to run away and kill myself…

But it’s okay, because it was just a thought.



Hey, please give me advice! Should I do it Tonight? Why or why not? What should I do?

Please, help!


Hello, I am a small girl with big thoughts. I want to be able to speak out about my thoughts and feelings. And, maybe this can somehow help others to relate with someone. It does not really mater who I am, but who you are and who you will be.

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